Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book #3: Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

"Plum Lucky" is a Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers novel. I look forward to reading these because they are shorter and lighter than the numbered novels. Janet Evanovich is able to mix things up a bit with the Between the Numbers books too. Diesel, an Unmentionable, is a recurring character in these books. He pops in and out of Stephanie's life without much explanation. The plot is usually simpler too.

In "Plum Lucky", Stephanie finds herself dealing with a guy who thinks he's a leprechaun, the horse that talks to him, and the crazy mobster that is after them for stealing his money. Thankfully Diesel is there to help out-as well as to make things interesting.

The story line was a bit predictable, but enjoyable. I laughed a lot and the cat looked at me like I was crazy when I did. There wasn't a lot of extra tension because of Morelli and Ranger since they weren't major players in this novel, either. It's just a light, quick read. Great for a short flight!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Laughing Again: Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich

My second book for 2012 is another Stephanie Plum Novel: Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich. In this installment, Stephanie has another run-in with her ex-husband, Dickie Orr. After she goes after him-again-he disappears and she is a suspect in his disappearance. Then, Joyce Barnhardt is after Stephanie because of Dickie's disappearance. Oh, and don't forget about Ranger and Morelli. They're involved too.

Stephanie has some hilarious things happen to her, which I've been missing for a while. "Thirteen" had me laughing out loud again. Exploding taxidermied animals, dinner with a stuffed cat, and everybody's reaction to the cable company were some of my favorites in this book.

Fun to read, I really recommend this book in the series. My neighbor probably wonders what I'm doing up here with all the laughing!

Monday, January 2, 2012

My First Book of 2012: Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich

I'm trying to get through the Stephanie Plum series before the movie, One For The Money, comes out later this month. My latest read in the series is a "Between The Numbers" novella. Janet Evanovich wrote a few of these shorter, lighter books to fit in between the numbered books.

"Plum Lovin'" is set near Valentine's Day and Stephanie is once again visited by Diesel, an Unmentionable who pops in and out of her life, literally. There isn't a good explanation as to how he appears, but we know that he's a human with special qualities. This time, Diesel needs Stephanie's help and she ends up taking over some cases for a matchmaker. Her skills as a relationship expert closely match her skills as a bounty hunter. She's luckier than she is good.

I really enjoyed "Plum Lovin'." It is a short, quick, fun read. It doesn't have all the excitement and explosions you find in the numbered series, but it still has the humor. I recommend this book to fans of the series as well as to those unfamiliar with it.

My 2012 Challenge

My goal for 2011 was to read 35 books and I ended up reading 36 books. Makes me feel like I can increase my goal again this year, so I will. My goal for reading this year is 40 books. Can I do it? I guess we'll see!

My short-term goal at the moment is to finish the Stephanie Plum series before the movie comes out in a few weeks. That should be easy enough to accomplish since I love the series and I'm over halfway through it already.

I'll be starting some new series this year as well, including the Cheese Shop Mystery series. What could be better than cheese and books?

Feel free to send me any recommendations you may have and let me know what you think of any of the books I read and review. I love feedback!