Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book #2-Some Red Sox Love!

My second book of 2010 was "Deep Drive" by Mike Lowell, 3rd baseman for the Boston Red Sox. This was actually Lee's book. I had bought it for him last year because Lowell is his favorite player. After he finished it, he gave it to me, proclaiming it a great book that I had to read. Well, it sat on my bookshelf in Wichita, moved to KC with me and sat on my bookshelf here. I added it to my "to read" list on and told myself I would read it before the start of Spring Training. With the weather being as horrendous as it has been, I knew I needed something to make me think "warm" thoughts and what better way than to read a baseball book? I dove right in with high hopes.

Here is how I reviewed it on
If you're a Red Sox fan, this is a book you should read. It's not the best book in the world but it's a great way to get a little more in-depth look at Mike Lowell. Unfortunately, the book didn't flow well. It can be hard to follow because it jumps around chronologically. I would have loved to have seen more stories from the clubhouse, too. There was one tedious detail that really bothered me. It concerns two instances where Lowell was discussing Dustin Pedroia. I've wondered for quite a while just how tall Pedroia is and I thought Lowell had told me. Early on, Lowell says Pedroia is five foot six. Later he says five foot seven. What bothers me is that this discrepancy wasn't caught somewhere in the editing process. If you can overlook this type of error and deal with the switching of the seasons throughout the chapters, give it a go. Mike Lowell is definitely a player who faces his challenges head on.

Now, I didn't go into this thinking I would be reading a fine piece of literature. I just wanted baseball stories. That is exactly what I got. Like I said in the review, if you're a Red Sox fan, read it. You probably already know a lot of what is covered in the book, but you'll get more details about those topics. I was also very interested by his family's departure from Cuba and all that led up to it. If these are the types of things you expect from the book, you won't be let down.

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