Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Little Time Travel Never Hurt Anybody

For book #18 of 2010, I chose "Now & Then" by Jacqueline Sheehan. I had previously read another of Ms. Sheehan's books, "Lost & Found" and thoroughly enjoyed it. This book caught my attention because, like the first of her books I read, there was a dog on the cover. Not just any dog, mind you, but an Irish Wolfhound. Being a lover of sight hounds, I picked it up and read the description on the back. Somehow I didn't pick up on the fact that there was time travel involved. All I seemed to notice was the pooch!

In "Now & Then" Anna, a former lawyer and her nephew, Joseph are somehow sucked through time from present day Boston to 1844 Ireland. They arrive separately and fall into very different lives. Anna spends her days trying to find Joseph, trying to understand how she got to where she is and trying to figure out how to get home. In the midst of their travels they each find love but also discover a curse that had been cast on their family all those years ago.

I am not a fan of anything fantasy-like and had I known that the story centered around time travel I probably would not have read it. That being said, I'm very glad that I didn't know what the book was about! I would have missed out on a wonderful story.

Unfortunately, the Irish Wolfhound did not play as big a role in the story as I had thought he would. Since I enjoyed the book so much, I'm willing to overlook that fact!

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