Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Glad I Didn't Pay For This Book

"Under The Wall" by Troy Blackford was my 21st book of 2010. It was given to me by a friend and came with a warning: "Don't get too excited", she said. "The author is obsessed with blood." She was right. This guy might have issues.

The book centers around Leviticus, a housecat who is anything but ordinary. He has the ability to feel the thoughts of those around him. Most of these thoughts don't make any sense to him, being a cat and not understanding the human language. Often, the thoughts pass through him without much attention; they come and go, but he ignores them not realizing it is not normal for a cat to sense these things. When a serial killer begins to stalk his family, however, he picks up on horrific images that he immediately realizes he must act upon.

The author is very descriptive, but excessively so. Scenes seem to go on forever when it just isn't necessary. Blood plays a huge role in this book and is described in every way possible. It got to the point where I was skimming over parts just because I was bored with the endless rambling.

The story was a good one, but it was poorly told. I think this may have made a very good short story. Unfortunately, the author went too far. I got the feeling that the author is the kind of person who talks a lot, just because he likes to hear his own voice. It was annoying. On top of that, there were several typos in the book that stood out like flashing neon signs.

Needless to say, this is not a book I will not be keeping on my bookshelf.

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