Friday, January 17, 2014

Book #1: Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich

It should come as no surprise that my first book of 2014 is a Stephanie Plum novel. I've made it no secret that I love this series and thanks to my awesome friend Lisa in Seattle, I didn't have to buy this installment.

In Notorious Nineteen, Janet Evanovich has our favorite hazard-in-the-making bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum trying to figure out how one of her skips could have disappeared from the hospital soon after having surgery. In order to figure it out, Stephanie has to work with Randy Briggs, a little person with a big attitude.

I also got the feeling that Stephanie may be getting closer to making a firm decision between Morelli and Ranger. Of course, the next installment, Takedown Twenty could prove me completely wrong.

As usual, Janet Evanovich has provided me with a fun, light read that keeps me entertained. When I posted via Goodreads on Facebook that I had finished this book, an acquaintance of mine took it upon herself to share her negativity in the form of a comment on my post. In it, she made it clear that she does not like the series, comparing it to MadLibs. Just for the record, not everything I read has to be deep or stimulating. Sometimes I like to zone out with a familiar character and enjoy her antics, as repetitive as they may seem to some. I think this acquaintance could use some fun in her life and if she opened up to it, maybe a little Stephanie Plum could help her lighten up!

I'm glad I started the new year with a fun book. Bring on the next 29!


  1. I love Stephanie Plum. I find that light reads are a must in this day and age. I agree, I don't always need to read a book that will "change my life" or be a "classic" after I'm dead and gone. Reading for entertainment is important. Rather read a Plum book than watch some of the "sitcoms" on TV!!! Enjoyed your review.

  2. I haven't read her in a few years and really should pick up one of her books. I do remember that her books were fun, and we all need some laughs every day!

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