Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book #12: Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers, and All Women Who Love Kids by Melanie Notkin

"Savvy Auntie" by Melanie Notkin is more than a book-it's a movement. I first came across Ms. Notkin on Twitter under the handle @savvyauntie. I started following her right away, as I consider myself a savvy auntie. I loved the way she celebrated my unique situation as a PANK (professional aunt, no kids). I finally felt like there was a cool group that I belonged to and in that group it wasn't weird that I was married, in my mid 30s, and didn't have kids.

In "Savvy Auntie" Ms. Notkin defines the "auntisms" used in the book and online. You're instantly in the know about the auntie lingo! There are fun facts sprinkled throughout the book as well. There are several pages regarding the early stages of aunthood, even before the baby is born. She gives great ideas on how to help the expectant parents and advice on what to expect with a newborn baby-even how to hold or swaddle a baby for those of us who are rookies or have never been comfortable with brand-spanking-new humans!

As I was reading this book, I even began to develop my own ideas about things to do with/gifts to give to my great-nieces. The book is quite the motivator! Since I became an aunt at such a young age (8 years old), now that my niece and nephew have kids of their own, it's like becoming a DebutAunt all over again! Back then, the babies were fun for me to take to show-and-tell at school, but that was about it. These days, I'm very close to them as adults and hope to have the fun with their kids that I missed out on with them. "Savvy Auntie" not only gives me great ideas, but it serves as a way for me to define the "kind" of aunt I want to be.

I would recommend this book to a number of people. If you've got kids in your life that aren't yours, but you love them like they are, take a look at "Savvy Auntie." As the title says, this book isn't just for the traditional aunt. You could be an auntie by relation (ABR) or an auntie by choice (ABC). You might have kids of your own, be child-free or have become a ParAunt to children in your life. It's all there, in the book. Know what else is there? Some super-cool cocktail recipes. I can't wait to try them-when I'm not doing auntie duty, that is!

I received a free copy of the book from the author. This in no way influenced my review of the book. The review posted here is my honest opinion.

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