Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book #9: Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs: A True Story of Bad Breaks and Small Miracles by Heather Lende

This book is yet another one sent to me by my lovely friend Lisa in Seattle. It's not a book (or an author) I had heard of, and those are usually the best kind that she sends me.

In Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs, Heather Lende is an author living in small town Alaska, basking in the glow of her upcoming book tour when she is run over by a truck while riding her bike. In telling the story of her accident and her recovery, the reader is introduced to her faith, her family, and her community of Haines, Alaska.

We get to know the different personalities that make up the town of Haines and how they all pulled together to help Heather and her family as she healed. We see all the intimate connections between the residents and how their lives intertwine with Heather's.

Heather also gives us some great examples of positive energy and faith, and how they can make a difference when things are not going well. It seems to be a choice that she makes in life-to be strong, to make the best of her situation, and to be grateful for what she has.

There are descriptions of the natural beauty of her town and the surrounding area. If you are a fan of the wilderness, that alone is a reason to read the book. I connected with the author just by the fact that we are both animal lovers and the experience I had with a community coming together to help me when things were at their worst.

The book shows that there really are good, caring people everywhere.

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