Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Book #7: Faith by Jennifer Haigh

After reading a book I didn't enjoy, I was thrilled to read Faith by Jennifer Haigh. It was amazing! I'm talking I-don't-want-to-put-the-book-down amazing.

Faith is a novel set in Boston and narrated by a woman whose brother, a priest, is accused of molesting a boy. I'm sure we all remember the terrible scandal that broke regarding rampant misconduct within the Catholic church. This novel gives the reader an idea of what the families of the accused must have went through.

The narrator, Sheila, is close to her brother Art. From the beginning, she believes that he would never do such a thing as harm a child. Their other brother, Mike, thinks the accusations are true. Through the telling of the story, many other dark secrets are revealed in the family that prefers to keep things quiet.

It's hard not to feel sorry for even the darkest of characters in the story. They all have qualities that draw you in, but then you are left at times disillusioned by their actions.

Jennifer Haigh has written an amazing story. It kept me up late at night, not just from reading it, but from laying in bed thinking about it. I wish the story could have gone on and on.


  1. Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. It's called giving Mario's projects top priority I guess. This book sounds interesting. Well give it some thought.