Monday, December 26, 2011

Book #32: Blockade Billy by Stephen King

Once again, I got behind on my book reviews so today is catch-up day!

For book #32 of 2011 I read Stephen King's "Blockade Billy." The only other Stephen King book I have read was about baseball, so when I saw this on the shelf at the bookstore I knew I had to read it.

"Blockade Billy" tells the story of a catcher, William Blakely, who played for the New Jersey Titans for a very short period of time. He was an amazing player, but his existence has been removed from the record books because of his horrific story.

"Blockade Billy" is written in a way that should only be read in a single sitting. It isn't long and there are no divisions of the book such as chapters. It's written like an old man is sitting there, telling you the gruesome story.

In addition to the baseball story, there is a bonus story included at the end titled "Morality." It's also a very short story, this one about a couple who has to decide if they are going to accept an offer to make a large sum of money.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Blockade Billy" and would recommend it to anyone who likes short horror stories or baseball. It's a quick read and would be a great book to read on a short flight.

By the way, I still have not figured out if William Blakely actually existed or if he was a character completely from the mind of Stephen King.

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