Monday, December 26, 2011

Book #33: Entanglements by P.R. Mason

I like it when I'm able to step outside of my reading comfort zone and read something I wouldn't normally even consider. That's what happened when I read "Entanglements" by P.R. Mason.

"Entanglements" is a young-adult paranormal/fantasy book that forced me to try to believe things that I can barely grasp. It follows teenager Kizzy Taylor as she discovers alternate dimensions and has to save her stepsister after she accidentally opens a vortex and her stepsister is sucked away.

Not being familiar with the idea of vortexes (vorteces?) or alternate dimensions, "Entanglements" was a good way for me to venture into the genre. P.R. Mason does a great job of explaining the ideas succinctly yet clearly so that even a noob like me could understand what was going on. In actuality, it made me a little curious about these types of theories. I can't wait to read what she writes as a follow-up!

There was also a bit of romance involved in the story, but it was just under-the-surface enough that it didn't get in the way of the storyline or seem cheesy. It simply added a bit of realism to the characters, even if one of them was not of our dimension.

"Entanglements" is a great book for teenagers and for those of us not familiar with the paranormal/fantasy genre.

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  1. It is a good read isn't it Amy. I really enjoyed the book too and would never usually even try a book like that, but I wanted to support the author because she has been a good Twitter friend for so many years. Now I'm going to shop for more of her books.